iFixit dismantled MacBook Pro (2021)

iFixit finally got their hands on the new MacBook Pro (2021), after teasing a full teardown of the device on Friday. The specialists were able to evaluate all the changes, as well as to assess the maintainability.

For starters, they did X-ray MacBook Pro (2021)noting that he looks like an angry owl.

As the masters noted, this time the developers did a better job using the internal space. There were tabs for batteries, which help to quickly get the battery and replace it with a new one. Specialists specially bought several new MacBook Pros, tried to replace the batteries with each other and it was not difficult.

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2021 MacBook Pro battery replacement

Just as iFixit says, replacing the new MacBook Pro’s display will be easier. However, if the replacement is poor quality, support for the True Tone function may be lost.

Masters confirmed that Apple will soon can embed Face ID into a notch on the display. They compared the size of the sensors on the iPhone 13 and the size of the bangs on the new device: the free space that remains on the notch is quite enough to add Face ID. Insiders also spoke about this earlier.

They noted that if you need more RAM or storage, it’s better to pay for it right away, since it’s almost impossible to customize your Mac later. All the components you need are on one M1 Pro board | M1 Max and this makes it difficult to expand the possibilities.

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iFixit dismantled MacBook Pro (2021)

There may be issues with replacing the keyboard, as Apple has replaced the Touch Bar with physical keys, and an anodized black lining is placed underneath them. At first, these components will be difficult to obtain.

Eventually the MacBook Pro got maintainability rating 4/10 points.

A source: iFixit

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