IKEA introduced a table with an air purifier and HomeKit support

IKEA has launched two smart air purifiers called Starkvind. In fact, new items differ from each other only in the form factor. In terms of filling, they are identical. But in one case, the cleaner is made in the form of a stand-alone device, and in the second it looks like a coffee table.

Both versions have three levels of purification: the first captures large particles such as dust, the second captures pollen and particles smaller than 2.5 microns, and the third captures gaseous pollutants. According to the manufacturer, Starkvind cleaners can even cope with unpleasant odors.

The devices have five speeds and an automatic mode. In the latter case, IKEA Starkvind will independently determine the rotation speed of the built-in fan, guided by the indicators of sensors that monitor the purity of the air.

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IKEA unveils HomeKit-enabled air purifier

You can control IKEA Starkvind using a mobile device or a voice assistant. True, for this, users will have to purchase an additional hub called Tradfri. It will not only “gather” other smart devices from IKEA around it, but will also allow you to connect them to HomeKit. The hub costs $35.

As for the cost of the IKEA Starkvind, users will have to pay $129 for the stand-alone purifier, and $189 for the coffee table model. The novelty should appear on sale in October this year. The choice will be available cleaners in light and dark versions.

Source: AppleInsider

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