In 10 years there will be no iPhone, Apple Glasses will work at the Mac level

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shared new predictions about future Apple products. In his new memo, he revealed that a new AR headset that Apple could introduce as early as 2022 will have Mac processing power.

The chips built into Apple Glasses will be different from all analogues that are already on the market. Yes, there will be two of them: the first (like M1) is aimed at the operation of the device and information processing, the second (level A15) will be responsible for monitoring the operation of sensors. The device will receive two Sony 4K micro-OLED displays.

Smart glasses will work without an iPhone, although it was previously said that a smartphone would be required for control.

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The analyst predicts that in 10 years, Apple may abandon the production of iPhone in favor of AR headsets. According to him, Tim Cook is aware that now most of the company’s profit is tied to smartphones and they need to move forward if they want to save their capital.

Apple is about to do with the Apple Glasses what Steve Jobs did with the iPhone in 2007. It’s just hard to judge whether they’ll succeed.

A source: 9to5mac

Written by Shubham

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