In the future, Apple Watch will be able to track the body’s hydration

According to reports, not so long ago, Apple received a new patent. It describes a system for non-invasively measuring the user’s hydration using the Apple Watch. Engineers propose to build special sensors into the watch strap. They will collect all the necessary data.

The company notes that all currently existing solutions that give users the ability to track fluid levels in the body have a number of shortcomings. For example, they can be used only once or they are too large.

Apple engineers want to give users a better way to track their hydration. The company notes that this indicator is very important. It can be used to determine the general condition of the body.

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As for the measurement method itself, Apple engineers suggest integrating compact electrodes into the Apple Watch strap. They will monitor sweating and determine the concentration of electrolytes. Based on this data, the watch will be able to determine the fluid content in the user’s body.

When exactly Apple may implement such an idea in the production Apple Watch is currently unknown. However, the first version of the patent was issued back in early 2018.

Source: AppleInsider

Written by Shubham

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