iOS 15 automatically removes highlights from photos

The problem of glare when shooting on the iPhone has been around for years. However, most often it is faced by the owners of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. Last year, Apple equipped its smartphones with wider aperture lenses. This had a positive effect on the quality of shooting in difficult conditions. However, at the same time, glare began to appear in the photo. They are caused by reflections of light from the lenses. It is believed that this problem cannot be completely eliminated. However, in iOS 15 beta 4, a special mechanism was added that removes glare from pictures.

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It is noteworthy that users did not immediately notice such an innovation. Apple didn’t focus on it. However, automatic photo editing is now being actively discussed on Reddit. How exactly the new mechanism works is currently unknown. It is assumed that the system has certain markers by which iOS identifies images with defects.

At the moment, iOS 15 is still in its testing phase. The final version of Apple’s latest mobile operating system will be available this fall. Most likely, this will happen in late September or early November.

Source: Reddit

Written by Shubham

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