iOS 15 eliminates important notifications feature

The iOS 15 update eliminated the Do Not Disturb feature, replacing it with a wider customization of individual Focus modes. They allow you to select and configure multiple profiles that can automatically turn on when you get to a specific geolocation.

However, Apple removed an important setting that many users enjoyed before iOS 15, which is the ability to turn off notifications when the iPhone is locked and receive them when you unlock it.

There is no analogue of this function in Focusing. You can either turn off notifications or turn them on for specific apps.

In fact, it was a useful feature, because at night you could turn on Do Not Disturb mode and not receive notifications when the phone is locked. But in the morning you unlock your iPhone and are already aware of all the events.

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We hope that Apple will return this feature in updates.

A source: MacRumors

Written by Shubham

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