iOS 15 will ask permission to display personalized ads

Recently it became known that in iOS 15, Apple will begin asking users for permission to track activities in their applications. This data was used to display personalized ads. In iOS 14, Apple did not ask users these questions. Personalized ad serving was enabled by default. If desired, this option could be turned off in the settings.

However, due to attention from antitrust authorities, the company decided to add a new request to the system. It will appear the first time you open the App Store. In the pop-up window, users will need to give permission to display personalized ads in apps such as Stocks, News, and the App Store.

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At the same time, the company is trying to obtain such permission. The window with the request does not have a completely standard look. In particular, the button that allows the collection of data and the display of personalized advertising is highlighted in bright color.

Recall that not so long ago, Apple obliged third-party developers to obtain permission from users to collect data and display personalized ads. Not everyone liked this innovation. It was criticized the most by ad networks and Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg spoke about how Apple’s new rules threaten the entire advertising market.

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