iPad Pro may get a horizontal camera

According to an insider known on Twitter as Dylandkt, in the future, Apple may significantly update the design of the iPad Pro. It is reported that the top apple tablets will receive an updated main camera, the lenses of which will not be located vertically, but horizontally. The orientation of the Apple logo on the back of the tablet will also change. The insider claims that it will also be located horizontally.

It’s worth noting that Apple has changed the orientation of the logo on its devices in the past. For example, on the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro, the bullseye is horizontal. In addition, the Apple logo displayed when iPadOS starts up also has a landscape orientation.

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It is assumed that all such changes will occur in order to encourage users to use the tablet more often in landscape orientation. It is possible that in addition to changing the position of the Apple logo, Apple will also decide to move the Face ID sensors from the top to one of the side frames of the iPad Pro.

Dylandkt does not specify when exactly such changes may occur. It is possible that next year the iPad Pro will still retain the “familiar” camera. At the same time, according to Bloomberg sources, in 2022 Apple may release an iPad Pro with a glass back cover and support for wireless charging.

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A source: Twitter

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