iPhone 13 is as durable as iPhone 12

This year, Apple has made minimal changes to the design of its smartphones. The hull materials have also been preserved. For example, the display of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro is still covered by Ceramic Shield glass. Shortly after the start of official sales of new smartphones, drop tests of new products appeared on the network. In short, the strength of the iPhone 13 is not inferior to its predecessors. Moreover, in some cases, devices receive almost identical damage. All this is confirmed by tests conducted by the insurance company Allstate Protection Plan.

Empirically, experts have found that cracks on the front surface of the iPhone 13 may appear after the first fall. To do this, simply drop the smartphone with the screen down. Similar results were shown by the iPhone 13 Pro. One drop was enough for a noticeable crack to appear at the bottom of the display. Interestingly, the iPhone 12 showed itself in a similar way.

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Allstate Protection Plan also checked how the smartphone endures drops in a case. In a silicone case, the iPhone 13 was able to survive three drops on the back cover and one on the front side. The leather accessory showed about the same results – it protects the device well when it falls on the back cover. However, it does not provide any protection when dropped onto the screen.

Interestingly, some bloggers got slightly different results. For example, the author of the YouTube channel Everything Apple Pro found out that the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are not very afraid of falling from a small height. Problems begin if the smartphone falls on a hard surface from about two meters. However, even in this case, only glass cracks.

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A source: Macrumors

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