iPhone 13 Pro macro camera revealed a serious flaw

New reviews of the iPhone 13 Pro Max came out on September 21st. Most bloggers and the media responded well to the lineup update, highlighting the camera and the new ProMotion display, as well as interesting color schemes. Nevertheless, there was one unpleasant flaw in the Pro versions, which was noted by literally all testers.

It’s all about the new macro mode. When you want to take a macro shot, the iPhone 13 Pro switches from the main camera lens to the ultra wide-angle lens. A certain “shaking” is formed, which makes it difficult to focus the object and take a picture.

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According to Apple, automatic switching is needed in order to help users take a good macro shot. But in practice, this is not always required, professionals may want to take another shot, and the system will return the settings to the ultra wide angle lens.

Apple acknowledged the flaw, so they plan to fix it soon with an update. Most likely, in the Settings there will be an opportunity to disable automatic switching to macro.

A source: MacRumors

Written by Shubham

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