iPhone 13 will be released this year – iPhone 12s will not be

Earlier, some sources reported that the iPhone 2021 will be released under the name iPhone 12S, explaining this by Apple’s unwillingness to “mess” with the number 13 and a small number of changes that may occur in new devices. However, these theories were quickly abandoned. Many analysts call the new Apple smartphones nothing more than the iPhone 13. According to the Economic Daily News, Apple also calls its devices exactly the same. Moreover, the company plans to keep the usual set-top boxes – “mini”, “Pro” and “Pro Max”.

Also, the authors of Economic Daily News, citing sources in the supply chain, report that new apple smartphones will be released in September this year. Some analysts have already said this before. According to experts, Apple took into account last year’s experience and this year began to prepare in advance for the start of sales of the updated iPhone.

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It is noteworthy that many users may not like the name iPhone 13. Judging by a recent survey conducted by SellCell specialists, about one in five iPhone and iPad owners do not want to see the number “13” in the name of the new apple smartphone. Users note that they simply do not like this number.

At the same time, one in three believes that Apple needs to completely abandon the ordinal numbers in the name of the iPhone. According to users, it is much more convenient to distinguish between smartphones by year of release – iPhone 2021, iPhone 2022, etc.

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At the moment, it is known that the iPhone 13 will differ from its predecessors with a smaller screen cutout, larger batteries and improved main cameras. Top models should also have a 120-Hz display.

Source: economic daily news

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