iPhone 13 will support 25W charging

According to the latest rumors shared by Chinese sources, the iPhone 13 may receive support for 25-watt power adapters. It is likely that this will increase the charging speed. Recall that now apple smartphones do not support more than 20 watts. Users can also charge iPhone 12 with more powerful adapters. However, the smartphone will “take” only 20 watts.

New data suggests that this fall, the situation will change, and Apple will not only increase the maximum possible charging power, but also release a new branded 25W power adapter. It will be available to purchase separately.

It is expected that when it becomes possible to charge the iPhone with 25W adapters, apple smartphones will begin to replenish the battery charge faster. However, a noticeable increase should not be expected. Many users will most likely not even notice much of a difference. Especially if Apple really increases the batteries in the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. Rumors about this have previously appeared on the network.

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Changes like this have been long overdue. In addition, according to numerous rumors, then this year Apple will begin to equip its new devices with 120-Hz displays with support for the Always-On Display, and such screens consume a lot of energy.

It is worth noting that many flagship Android smartphones are already charged with 25-watt adapters. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S21 has this option. True, users did not notice a cardinal increase in charging speed. It is reported that with a more powerful adapter, the battery charge is replenished faster only in the initial stages.

Source: MacRumors

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