iPhone 13 will support Wi-Fi 6E

New Apple smartphones will support Wi-Fi 6E this year, according to a new report published by DigiTimes. In fact, this standard is a modified version of Wi-Fi 6. Its key feature is to expand the operating range to 6 GHz. At the same time, the maximum data transfer rate can reach 2 Gbps.

Recall that support for Wi-Fi 6 was still in the iPhone 11, which was released in 2019. This year, Apple may introduce new technologies into its devices. At the same time, the authors of DigiTimes believe that following the iPhone 13, Wi-Fi 6E support will begin to appear in competitor smartphones. In particular, in flagship Android devices.

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In addition, journalists from the Taiwanese edition confirmed recent rumors that LiDAR will remain one of the chips of Apple’s top smartphones. This was recently reported by an insider known by the nickname DylanDKT. At the same time, at the beginning of the year, the authors of DigiTimes shared diametrically opposite data, stating that LiDAR will be in all models from the iPhone 13 line.

It is expected that the official announcement of the new Apple smartphones will take place in September this year. iPhone 13 should differ from its predecessors with improved main cameras and a smaller notch in the display. Also in the top models may appear 120-Hz screens.

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Source: DigiTimes

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