iPhone 13’s new communication feature won’t be available to everyone

We recently learned that Apple is planning to bring a satellite distress call feature to the new iPhone 13. It will allow users to send emergency messages even when they are offline.

It sounded cool, but as expected, this feature will not be available to everyone initially. The restriction will apply to certain regions. This was announced by well-known analyst Mark Gurman from Bloomberg.

He says that in the future, Apple wants to develop its own network of satellites. In the future, this will cover other regions, but such projects may take years, so for now everything will be limited to certain regions of America without communication.

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Also, you will not be able to call from regions without a connection to any other numbers, except for emergency ones. Apple will only allow you to send short SMS or distress calls, nothing else. The iPhone will never be made into a satellite phone because it could lead to lawsuits among cell phone operators. This isn’t the first time Apple has cut iPhone capabilities locally, as it did with 5G.

Source: 9to5mac

Written by Shubham

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