iPhone 14 will be able to select a device with eSIM only

In 2018, Apple added eSIM connectivity. Since then, there have been rumors of an iPhone that doesn’t have a physical SIM card. According to rumors, such a device will appear in 2022, but there is a nuance.

Apple can’t strip all physical SIMs, some countries still can’t use eSIMs. Therefore, according to analyst Emma More-McClune, the company will make two versions of the iPhone 14 | iPhone 15, where you can choose a model with or without a physical SIM card.

This is a good move, since many users still cannot give up the physical card of the operator while using an eSIM at the same time. If the company wanted to completely abandon SIM cards, they would need more time and a strong marketing move.

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A source: appleinsider

Written by Shubham

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