iPhone SE 3 layout in iPhone XR design appeared on the network

Apple has already registered the new iPhone SE 3 in the database of the Eurasian Economic Commission. This is a clear sign that the company will show a new state employee this year at its spring event. However, there are still conflicting rumors on the net about what exactly the new cheap Apple device will be.

The layout of the future novelty was lit up on the network, but it immediately raised a lot of questions. If on the back side we see the usual structure of the camera with one module, then the front part is shown without the Touch ID button, as if it were a layout of the iPhone XR.

Earlier there were claims that the 2022 state employee will be released without Touch ID, but the rumors have been questioned. Insiders have reported that we won’t see a full-screen design until 2024.

Therefore, it is impossible to say for sure that this is a mock-up of the iPhone SE 3, although anything can happen and, in fact, the company will release a full-screen device this year.

A source: iMore

Written by Shubham

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