Lenses in Apple Glass will be able to adapt to the user’s eyes

One of the main problems with most AR and VR headsets is that only people with good eyesight can use them. For the rest, the image is simply blurred. Part of the problem is solved with the help of lenses. However, what about those who wear glasses? Some manufacturers offer users to purchase separate sets of glasses and lenses for smart glasses and virtual reality helmets. But all this increases the price of already not the cheapest devices.

Apple has found a possible solution to this problem. Just the other day, the company received a patent that describes special optical “packages”. They can consist of different “blocks” and have a different design – include adjustable and non-adjustable lenses filled with liquid. However, regardless of the final design, the lenses will be able to adapt to a specific user.

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In addition, the patent states that Apple Glass will be able to track a person’s gaze and provide the best “picture”. Especially this option can be useful for people aged who have problems with adapting their eyesight when looking from a close distance to a distance and vice versa.

Lenses in Apple Glass

Whether such a mechanism will appear in the final version of Apple Glass is difficult to say now. So far, the company has only received a patent. In addition, full-fledged smart glasses can come out only in a few years. According to rumors, Apple is now actively working on its first AR / VR helmet. The announcement of this gadget is scheduled for the end of 2022.

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A source: AppleInsider

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