M1 Max GPU performance test

Previous tests of the M1 Max showed great performance in both single-core and multi-core tests. The M1 Max GPU test data on the 16-inch MacBook Pro has now surfaced. The new GPU can be upgraded to a 32-core configuration and is therefore several times better than the M1.

The Metal performance test determined 68870 points for the new M1 Max chip. In comparison, the M1‌ processor in the 13-inch MacBook Pro scored 20581 points, while the previous version of the 16-inch MacBook Pro on Intel scored 42510 points.

Thus, the M1 Max GPU is three times faster than the M1.

The catch is that the tests are anonymous and we do not know which processor was tested: 16-core or 32-core. In any case, this is much more than the previous generation of Apple’s ARM chip.

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A source: MacRumors

Written by Shubham

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