Mac Pro can be ordered with new AMD Radeon Pro W6800X graphics

Apple has expanded the list of accessories that can be equipped with Mac Pro. Now, when ordering, users can install two new high-performance graphics modules in the workstation – AMD Radeon Pro W6800X and AMD Radeon Pro W6900X. There are modifications with 32 and 64 GB of video memory to choose from. New graphics prices start at $2,400. In this amount, Apple estimated the AMD Radeon Pro W6800X with 32 GB of video memory. For a pair of 32GB Radeon Pro W6900X each, users will have to pay $11,600 more.

At the moment, for the top version of the Mac Pro with 1.5 TB of RAM, the most powerful processor and graphics, and 8 TB of storage, you will need to pay about $ 50,000. To this amount, it is also worth adding the cost of several monitors and suitable peripherals.

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As for the new graphics modules, they are based on the AMD RDNA2 architecture and have impressive power. In particular, the performance of AMD Radeon Pro W6800X when processing single precision numbers reaches 16.0 teraflops. AMD Radeon Pro W6900X has 22.2 teraflops. The company notes that the new graphics systems are suitable for working with the most resource-intensive tasks.

Source: Apple

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