macOS 12 Monterey beta 5 introduces Universal Control

The Universal Control feature or Universal Control is one of the key features of macOS Monterey. With this option, Mac owners can combine a computer and iPad into a common workspace and interact with devices using one “set” of a mouse and keyboard.

Despite the fact that during the presentation of macOS 12 Apple spoke about Universal Control for a long time, this option was not officially supported by any of the beta versions of macOS Monterey or iPadOS 15. Some even began to believe that the Universal Control feature would not appear in the final version. macOS 12, and it’s only worth waiting for later this year or early next year.

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However, one third party who researched the macOS 12 Monterey beta 5 code found a way to enable this feature. True, the whole process cannot be called very simple. Users will have to move a few files, launch the Terminal and do some tweaking in Settings. At the same time, the developer does not guarantee 100% performance of the proposed method. He notes that in some cases Universal Control simply refuses to work.

Full instructions for activating the feature can be found at GitHub.

It is also worth considering that manipulations with system files can lead to improper system operation and affect the performance of the computer. If you decide to experiment with the Universal Control function, then remember that you carry out all manipulations at your own peril and risk.

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Source: MacRumors

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