Masonite showed a smart door as part of CES 2022

Many users want to combine several smart home devices in their front doors. These devices include a smart lock, a bell, a surveillance camera, sometimes smart lighting. At the same time, in order to put it all together and configure, you have to deal with different manufacturers and devices. Often, the installation of such equipment requires more time, hubs and many outlets.

Masonite introduced the M-Pwr smart doors at CES 2022. They immediately include a smart door lock, intercom, backlight, bell, fingerprint scanner for quick access and a video camera for surveillance.

The advantage of these doors is that they are connected to the mains electricity and wireless connection thanks to Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certified technology, and if you lose light, there is a built-in battery that will allow the doors to work 24 hours on backup power.

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Masonite showcases smart door at CES 2022

Masonite uses Yale and Ring devices for their doors and includes stylish designs. Unfortunately, it is not possible to buy such doors yet, because the company will supply them only for new buildings in the USA, but in the future it is quite possible that you can buy one smart door, integrate it into HomeKit and then you will not have to add several devices, which can “fly out” from the application.

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