Meta will encourage developers of augmented and virtual reality

Yesterday there was a conference where Mark Zuckerberg announced new company name Facebook (now called Meta) and the creation of the “universe” Metaverse. At the same time, the social network Facebook will remain with the same name. Not openly, but he criticized Apple and Google, which allegedly stop the progress of developers by charging them a large commission on in-app purchases.

According to Zuckerberg, Meta will operate differently. He wants to interest developers create your own ecosystems virtual and augmented reality. For these purposes, the Oculus Quest mixed reality platform was developed, which includes three main sets of tools: Insight SDK, Interaction SDK and Voice SDK.

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Oculus may cut developer fees soonto encourage them to create. At the same time, Mark hinted that some projects will charge developers a fee, as this is an “investment in the future of the Metaverse.”

It sounds very confusing, because it is not clear what conditions Meta will offer, what developers will be encouraged for, how Zuckerberg plans to use their “ecosystems” and much more.

During their keynote, Meta teased a new VR headset and revealed the new home of the Metaverse. Oculus. Shares of the revamped Facebook are up about 3% since the rebrand.

Obviously, in his talk, he was talking about iOS updates that now allow users to opt out of tracking their activity, thus eliminating personalized ads. There have also been denunciations of the 30% Apple and Google fees charged to developers.

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A source: appleinsider

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