Microsoft will release Xbox Series X in the style of Halo Infinite

As part of the Gamescom Opening Night Live event, Microsoft representatives announced plans to release a limited edition of the Xbox Series X, which will be designed in the style of Halo Infinite. The release of the console is timed to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the Halo gaming series. Together with a special version of the set-top box, Microsoft also announced a unique Elite Series 2 Controller. It is created in the style of the legendary Master Chief armor.

The limited edition Xbox Series X differs from the standard “edition” in its body. It is decorated with stars and stylized metal inserts. The complete controller is designed in the same style. However, in addition to external changes, the special version of the Xbox Series X stands out with individual on and off sounds. The latter are also made in the style of Halo.

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Microsoft is currently accepting pre-orders for a special version of the console. Official sales will start on November 15th. The console costs $550. That’s $50 more than the regular Xbox Series X. However, the Xbox Series X – Halo Infinite Limited Edition also comes with a copy of Halo Infinite.

As for the controller, it comes in a unique carrying case and has a charging dock. The Elite Series 2 Controller will be available on November 15 for $200.

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