Mophie showed the best travel charger 3-in-1 Travel Charger

The well-known accessory manufacturer Mophie has introduced a new 3-in-1 charger – Travel Charger. Apparently, this is one of the best travel chargers that includes the ability to power your iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch.

The compact docking station looks very impressive and comes with a small felt case that holds a 30W power supply (which is also included), a cable, and the charging pad itself. In order not to lose anything in the suitcase, a convenient mount on a felt case is provided, and the charging itself has magnetic layers, which does not allow it to “open up”, even if you put it without a case in a backpack.

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Mophie showed the best travel charger 3 in 1 Travel Charger

The iPhone charger supports MagSafe and has a power of 15W, the AirPods charging box delivers 5W, as does the wireless charging for Apple Watch. The docking station is powered by USB-C, which is also very convenient.

Cost $150 at the Apple Store in the US.

Mophie showed the best travel charger 3 in 1 Travel Charger

This is a very good charger in terms of features and capabilities. Very often, when traveling, you have to take several chargers with you to recharge, and this takes up a lot of space. And here Mophie provided literally all the most necessary functions, and if you replace the power supply with the original one from the MacBook, you can simply take this set with you and not worry about charging at all on the road.

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