Netatmo Launches HomeKit-Enabled Carbon Monoxide Sensor

Netatmo, which has been creating various smart home accessories for several years, has announced a CO sensor. The novelty should complement the range of existing devices. Currently, Netatmo is releasing a smart smoke detector and indoor air quality monitor.

The novelty is quite compact in size and continuously monitors the level of carbon monoxide in the room. In case of exceeding the specified norms, an audible alarm is triggered. The volume reaches 85 dB. The device is battery operated. The manufacturer claims that it will last for 10 years.

A carbon monoxide detector will be especially useful in private homes that have a stove or fireplace. The gas itself is a combustion product. Its danger lies in the fact that it does not smell. This makes it very difficult to detect the danger. Special sensors solve this problem.

As for the new device from Netatmo, it can not only notify you of danger using a siren, but also sends special notifications to your phone. So far, the novelty is available for order only in Europe. The price of the sensor is € 100 excluding shipping.

A source: Netatmo

Written by Shubham

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