New AirPods will be able to control body temperature

As you know, Apple is preparing to release updated AirPods 3. According to rumors, they should receive an updated form factor and head tracking function.

Today, information has surfaced that future AirPods will also be able to track and control your body temperature, monitor your posture, and act as a hearing aid. The temperature sensors will be built into the headset design and will be able to connect with the Apple Watch 8 sensors. The posture sensors will alert the user if they slouch. It is possible that there will be tips for posture.

If we consider the possibility of using AirPods as hearing aids, the headphones are unlikely to be suitable for everyday use. They need to be recharged throughout the day, which can cause inconvenience.

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Recently, a call amplification feature has been introduced. It allows you to amplify the external sound for people who are hard of hearing. But do not expect all these improvements to appear in the third generation, because the headphones have been ready for a long time, Apple just delayed their release.

A source: MacRumors

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