New Eve Room with HomeKit and Thread support unveiled

Eve has announced the release of the third generation of its home air analyzers called Eve Room. As before, devices can be included in the HomeKit smart home system and help users track air quality. In particular, Eve Room can detect the presence of harmful impurities and organic substances in the air, as well as monitor the temperature and humidity in the room.

Externally, the new Eve Room is similar to its predecessor, which in turn was somewhat reminiscent of a desktop alarm clock. The gadget was equipped with a small display. It displayed all available information about indoor air quality.

A key feature of the third generation Eve Room is support for Thread technology. The latter helps different gadgets in a smart home to exchange information with each other. Eve believes that in the future this technology will become as widespread as Wi-Fi.

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You can order a new version of Eve Room on the official website of the manufacturer for $ 99.95, excluding shipping.

A source: Ever

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