New iPads may get titanium cases

According to sources from the Taiwanese DigiTimes, Apple is now considering launching iPads in titanium cases. True, we are talking only about top models. The high cost hinders the widespread use of this material.

At the moment, Apple makes cases for its devices from aluminum and stainless steel. However, there is a chance that titanium will also appear in this list in the future. Cases made of titanium alloy will be more durable, more durable and more resistant to scratches.

However, the production of titanium cases requires considerable costs. In particular, Apple needs to improve material processing methods and develop ways to apply different coatings.

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When exactly the apple giant will show the first iPads in titanium cases is currently unknown. However, in the past, online sources have claimed that Apple will release the first titanium iPhone in 2022.

Source: DigiTimes

Written by Shubham

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