New Netatmo Security Sensor Compatible with HomeKit and Matter

Netatmo, a manufacturer of various smart home products, has introduced a new combined security sensor. A distinctive feature of the novelty is that in addition to HomeKit, it also supports the Matter standard.

Netatmo Security Sensor consists of two blocks. The first module, in fact, is an indicator of the opening of doors and windows, while the second is an infrared motion sensor. The combination of these gadgets into one set, as well as support for different standards, opens up additional opportunities for users.

For example, owners of Netatmo Security Sensor will be able to configure the interaction of sensors with other gadgets in a smart home. Such a bunch will allow you to better control the light, turning on or off the air conditioning systems, etc.

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At the moment, it is not known exactly when Netatmo will start selling its new kit. Also, the price remains unknown. However, some believe that Netatmo Security Sensor will cost more than Aqara’s motion and door sensors.

A source: HomeKitNews

Written by Shubham

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