Night mode can be turned off in iOS 15

With the debut of the iPhone 11, Apple introduced night mode for photography. However, photos taken in night mode were not always successful. Of course, you have the opportunity to disable the night mode, but when you exit the Camera program, the system turned it on again.

In iOS 15, Apple added a toggle that remembers camera night mode settings. This way you can turn it off, exit the application, come back and the mode will still be disabled.

How to turn off night mode on iOS 15

  1. Go to camera settings;
  2. Open the “Save settings” panel;
  3. Select “Night mode” and activate the lever.
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You can still use night mode if you need it. To do this, you will simply need to manually turn it on during the snapshot. It is noteworthy that the switch does not allow you to fix the night mode value that you have chosen, but only turn it on or off.

Source: 9to5mac

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