Not all iPhone 14s will get ProMotion

Previously, there were rumors that all 2022 iPhone models that will be released in the fall will receive ProMotion technology. However, now analyst and insider Ross Young, who has predicted a lot of specs about future Apple devices, says that only a fraction of the new iPhone devices will get 120 Hz.

The insider claims that the display supplier for the cheaper iPhones will be BOE, which still lacks the production capacity to implement the new technology. Expensive LTPO displays with ProMotion support are supplied by Samsung.

Apple first brought 120Hz to smartphones last year with the iPhone 13 Pro | 13 Pro Max, in fact, the first time ProMotion technology appeared in Apple devices back in 2017 with the iPad Pro.

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We expect that this year Apple will show us four models of the iPhone 2022, but it is not yet clear whether they will be released under the name iPhone 14 or whether Apple will use the name iPhone 15, paying tribute to the 15th anniversary of the release of the first iPhone.

A source: MacRumors

Written by Shubham

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