Not everyone can find a turned off iPhone

At WWDC 2021, Apple showed an important trick: now you can find your iPhone even if it is turned off. But not all models support this feature.

Ever since iOS 13, the company has allowed the use of Bluetooth to find iPhone through a network of users nearby. In the iOS 15 update, the company improved this ability and stated that you can find the device in the off state and even after a full recovery.

According to Apple, the only way to get rid of the ability to be tracked through Find My is to completely remove the device owner’s iCloud.

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However, the search for a turned off iPhone is limited to the lines: iPhone 11 and iPhone 12. Since they only have an embedded Apple U1 chip. Interestingly, the Apple Watch 6 also received this chip, but so far we cannot find them if the watch is completely disabled.

How search is displayed with U1 (America)

In fact, the chip makes your iPhone look like an Apple AirTag. But since U1 is disabled in Ukraine, the ability to search for a disabled iPhone is very indirect. But the company has already added to us the possibility of activating the ECG, perhaps soon they will open access to it.

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Source: 9to5mac

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