Oura released a new smart ring Oura Smart Ring 3

The Finnish company Oura has released the third version of its smart ring. Externally, Oura Smart Ring does not differ much from its predecessor. However, inside the device there have been impressive changes. For example, the novelty received an improved optical heart rate sensor. It is capable of continuously monitoring heart rate. In the second generation Oura Smart Ring, this feature was only available at night.

Also, with the help of a smart ring, users will be able to monitor the pulse during exercise and learn about the level of oxygen in the blood. True, the latter option will become available only next year, along with an improved sleep tracker.

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The developers of Oura Smart Ring have not forgotten about women either. Over time, the ring will be able to warn girls about the beginning of the cycle and possible hormonal changes, for which the gadget will monitor body temperature.

The new version of Oura Smart Ring is made of titanium and has a scratch-resistant coating. The gadget is not afraid of water and can survive diving to a depth of 100 meters. He is also not afraid of temperature changes.

Oura Smart Ring

As for autonomy, one charge of the built-in battery is enough for about a week. The charging process itself takes from 20 to 80 minutes.

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The novelty will appear on sale on November 15 and will cost $299. At the same time, users will be able to purchase an additional subscription for $6.99 per month. As part of the latter, Oura Smart Ring owners will receive personalized recommendations and daily health reports.

A source: Oura

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