Powerbank Apple MagSafe Battery Pack dismantled

Some media have already received the new Apple MagSafe Battery Pack for the iPhone 12 and have given a lot of feedback about the appearance, operation of the accessory and the quality of charging. In one of these videos, YouTubers took apart the new Apple power bank to talk about the internal components.

The external battery contains two coils for wireless charging, and there is also a ring of MagSafe magnets. Two lithium-ion batteries are connected to each other, each has a capacity of 5.733 Wh and a voltage of 7.62 W.

Behind the batteries, a solid metal plate is built in so that the power bank does not overheat. Under the coil is a motherboard that helps the device function: it contains chips to control the power supply.

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Powerbank Apple MagSafe Battery Pack dismantled

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