Powerbank Apple MagSafe Battery Pack supports reverse charging

Apple suddenly showed a MagSafe-enabled external battery – MagSafe Battery Pack. But it looks like the new $99 is not your usual charging accessory.

According to notes on the Apple website, the wireless power bank can be charged using Lightning, which is located on the accessory. But also the external battery seems to be able to be charged using reverse wireless charging.

The user guide assumes that if your iPhone 12 is connected to a power source along with a power bank, then when you charge your smartphone via wire, the external battery can be charged using reverse charging. Apple does not call the technology in plain text, but it is described in the manual.

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Since 2019, there have been rumors that the entire iPhone 11 line supports reverse charging, but experts have not been able to detect or enable it. After the release of the new MagSafe accessory, the rumors resumed.

Of course, you will need to test this in practice to see for yourself the veracity of the statement. Perhaps the Apple website made a mistake in the sense.

Source: 9to5mac

Written by Shubham

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