Rumor: Folding iPhone Fold will be released in 2024

Recently, there have been a lot of rumors about the foldable iPhone Fold on the net. Some insiders say that the novelty may appear in a year. But well-known analyst Mark Gurman refutes these rumors.

A Bloomberg author reports that it should take another 2-3 years before the iPhone Fold appears. According to him, Apple wants to study all the problems of its competitors, mainly Samsung, and release a more “correct” device.

Samsung now provides a choice of two foldable devices from the lines: Fold and Z Flip. They are good, but still not perfect in terms of foldable display – users complain about the appearance of wrinkles in the fold area and fragility.

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At the same time, Apple constantly publishes patents related to folding devices. Therefore, you can count on the appearance of a folding iPhone Fold, but probably in two or three years, as Gurman said.

Source: iMore

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