Satechi releases new MagSafe Dock

Satechi has decided to expand its line of MagSafe accessories with a fairly minimalistic and stylish aluminum MagSafe Dock.

The new accessory is designed for Apple’s proprietary MagSafe magnetic charging and is needed to conveniently position your iPhone 12 on your desktop or bedside table. The docking station itself is made of aluminum, inside there is a hole for charging, which is installed through the bottom.

At the bottom of the MagSafe Dock there is a layer of silicone that prevents the accessory from slipping off. The cost of new items is $25.

This is a very compact solution that lovers of minimalism will definitely appreciate, and if you have ever used products Satechi, you probably know how well each of their accessories is designed. In addition, a magnetic sticker can be ordered with the stand to place it on a vertical surface.

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Satechi releases new MagSafe Dock

Source: Satechi

Written by Shubham

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