Snapiel protective glass can be glued without bubbles

Torras Company developed a new protective glass for the iPhone and iPad. A novelty called Snapiel differs from competitors in that it can be glued without prior preparation and screen cleaning. The manufacturer claims that the glass can be glued with your eyes closed, and even in this case it will “lie down” perfectly – without streaks, peeling corners and air bubbles.

It’s all in a special nano-layer. It literally displaces dust and fingerprints on the screen, filling all the voids. Thanks to this, there are no streaks and air bubbles under the glass, and the accessory itself is securely attached to the display. Moreover, if necessary, users can even remove the glass and install it again.

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Now the manufacturer is raising funds for the production of protective glasses for iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPad mini 6 and iPad Pro on Kickstarter. There are still a couple of weeks left before the end of the campaign. However, the required amount has already been collected. Shipment of finished products should begin in February next year.

Order glass now iPhone can be purchased for $19, delivery to Ukraine will cost another $5. After the end of the campaign on Kicksterter the cost of the accessory will increase significantly.

A source: Kickstarter

Written by Shubham

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