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Sonos will release full-size headphones

Rumors about future full-size Sonos headphones have been around for quite some time. This is not strange, because the company really provides excellent sound quality in their speakers and many users are looking forward to the release of professional full-size headphones from them.

Recently VP of Sonos wrotethat they are preparing something new and innovative, and this cannot but suggest the idea of ​​​​future headphones. Moreover, the company acquired the startup T2 Software. They worked on the improved Bluetooth LE Audio standard and the LC3 codec.

Startup developments can reproduce better quality sound using lower data rates. This will increase the battery life of portable headphones, but will not affect the high-end sound quality.

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Very often manufacturers have to choose between lighter weight and better battery/sound quality. But Sonos will be able to find a compromise with new technology.

A source: The Verge

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