Sony showed a strange lamp-column LSPX-S3

Sony has introduced a portable speaker with an unusual design. The new LSPX-S3 is like a glass flask with a wick and small speaker holes.

Although the speaker looks rather strange, a 46mm driver is hidden inside for powerful sound, and there is also support for LDAC technology for high-quality sound transmission.

Like a lamp, the LSPX-S3 has 32 brightness levels. You can adjust them using touch sensors. Synchronization of light to the beat of music is available. You can also link multiple speakers together or create a stereo pair, just like with HomePod mini.

Sony showed a strange lamp-column LSPX-S3

The declared operating time of the lamp column is about 8 hours, and this is a pretty good indicator that will allow you to take a pretty gadget with you to nature. True, Sony did not indicate anything about the degree of moisture protection of the column.

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Sony showed a strange lamp-column LSPX-S3

The cost of the gadget on the company’s website is $349.

Source: Sony

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