Telegram launched public advertising: how much does a publication cost?

Pavel Durov announced earlier that advertisements would appear in Telegram soon. They will only be available in public groups with more than 1000 followers.

Advertising will run from the office. In it, you will need to log in using your phone number and select your account. In your account, you will have the option to create a new ad, limited to 160 characters.

The interface will allow you to configure where advertisements will be shown: language, channel topics. It is possible to copy the same ad and place it with slightly changed interests.

The minimum price to be paid for an ad is 2 euros, and the minimum advertising budget is about two million euros.

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Telegram has the right to reject your ad. You can also pause active advertising on your own, view its statistics, switch between accounts, and much more.

Advertising Telegram

It is not yet clear whether the advertising will be effective, since there are already advertising collaborations between blogs, the money for which is received directly by the channel owners. There are also many “dead” channels with more than 1000 subscribers, it is not clear how Telegram will filter them out.

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