Tesla owners will be able to remotely watch the broadcast from the car’s cameras

In 2019, Tesla added a special feature to its vehicles called Sentry Mode. After its activation, the car starts recording all the events that occur near the vehicle. Recording is carried out on eight external cameras, and the captured video is stored on the built-in drive. Sentry Mode has helped Tesla car owners more than once. For example, using this feature, they could easily understand who damaged their car in the parking lot.

However, with the release of update 2021.36.8, the capabilities of Sentry Mode are noticeably increasing. Owners of electric cars will be able to connect to the cameras of their car at any time and see what is happening around. True, while the new option is available only to users of iOS devices. On Android, it will appear a little later.

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In addition to viewing the broadcast from the cameras, users will also be able to use the auto speaker. But for this it must be enabled in the settings. The new option is part of the Tesla Premium Connectivity package, which costs $9.99 per month. In addition, by subscription, users can get access to various streaming services, real-time traffic visualization, improved navigation, etc.

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