The cost of the iPhone 13 Pro is more expensive than the iPhone 12 Pro

Due to the pandemic, which delays shipments and production, there is now a shortage of semiconductors in the world and not only. Therefore, the cost of some parts of the iPhone 13 Pro has increased significantly.

A new TechInsights study confirmed that the iPhone 12 Pro parts cost was cheaper than the iPhone 13 Pro. Mainly due to the manufacturing cost of the A15 Bionic processor, increased cost of case components, NAND memory, and ProMotion-enabled display.

The approximate cost of all parts in the iPhone 13 Pro is $570. Parts for last year’s model cost $548.50. For comparison, the authors of the study decided to show the cost of spare parts for the Samsung Galaxy S21+, and it was $508. This is for models with 256 GB of internal memory.

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At the same time, the researchers did not take into account the costs that go to logistics, device assembly, development and software.

Interestingly, the company left the market value of the iPhone 13 Pro the same as the iPhone 12 Pro, even though the production price has increased.

A source: techinsights

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