The DJI Osmo Mobile 5 stabilizer will look like a selfie stick

Sources say that in the near future DJI will show a new gimbal called Osmo Mobile 5. The main feature of the novelty is the built-in telescopic mechanism, which will allow you to move the gimbal with your smartphone a certain distance. In fact, DJI will combine a stabilizer and a selfie stick in one device.

The addition of a telescopic mechanism to Osmo Mobile 5 will expand the possibilities of the gimbal. However, the manufacturer did not want to further increase the weight and dimensions of the accessory. As a result, Osmo Mobile 5 noticeably lost time. Sources note that the autonomy of the stabilizer has decreased to 6 hours. For comparison, Osmo Mobile 4 with a 2450 mAh battery can work for about 15 hours without recharging.

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In addition to Osmo Mobile 5, DJI has also prepared another mobile gimbal. The Osmo Mobile 4 SE is a more affordable version of the Osmo Mobile 4. The accessory costs $99 and is now available in some regions. For example, in Hong Kong and Australia.

Source: winfuture

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