The new Apple Watch will add sensors for temperature, pressure and glucose

Rockley Photonics, which supplies Apple components, has introduced a functional solution capable of tracking multiple health markers. Among them are body temperature, blood pressure, as well as the level of alcohol and blood glucose.

The development is based on a miniature chip with optical sensors that continuously perform non-invasive monitoring of various biomarkers. It is reported that to implement such capabilities, Rockley Photonics abandoned the use of green LEDs and switched to infrared modules – they allow you to collect more information.

While Rockley Photonics plans to test its solution and has already created a separate device for this. It is made in the form of a small bracelet and is paired with a special application. In the coming months, the manufacturer wants to test the device on humans, after which the technology will become available to other companies.

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Earlier this year it became known that one of the key customers of Rockley Photonics is Apple. It brings the manufacturer the most profit. Also between Rockley and Apple there is an ongoing agreement for the supply and joint development of products. Given this, we can assume that in the future a new system for tracking physical indicators will appear in the Apple Watch. And it could happen as early as next year.

Source: MacRumors

Written by Shubham

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