The notch in the iPhone screen can be hidden by a moving element

Not so long ago, Apple filed a new document with the US Patent and Trademark Office. It describes two options that will allow you to hide the notch in the iPhone screen. The engineers of the apple company suggest using some kind of movable mechanism for this. It will cover the front camera and the Face ID block. In this case, when closed, the shutter will be part of the display.

According to the patent, engineers are considering two main options. In the first case, the shutter will be made in the form of a valve formed by a flexible screen. If necessary, the movable element will bend, opening the camera modules and Face ID.

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The notch in the iPhone screen can be hidden by a moving element

The second option is a special mechanism that will shift the entire display to the bottom of the device. In this case, the screen unit itself must be protected by glass. This will increase the life of the mechanism.

The patent mentions that all camera components and Face ID do not have to be located behind the curtain. It is possible that they will change their location. In this case, the front camera and face scanner will receive a periscope lens.

You need to understand that the presence of a patent is not direct evidence that Apple implements the idea in its serial devices. At the moment, the company’s patent portfolio has several documents that describe different options for hiding Face ID and Touch ID sensors under the screen.

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Source: PatentlyApple

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