TikTok has a full-fledged repost

For a long time in TikTok there was no such option as a repost. Users who wanted to place someone else’s video in their feed were forced to use various workarounds. For example, a duet function or a video response. However, the situation should change soon. Sources say TikTok is testing a full repost.

Some users have already gained access to the new feature. However, while it works with some limitations. In particular, only subscribers of the blogger who decided to share someone else’s video will see the repost. It is currently unknown when TikTok developers will remove all restrictions.

It is worth noting that active users of the social network have long been waiting for the opportunity to repost the content of other bloggers. The absence of such an option led to all sorts of problems. For example, some users received copyright warnings if they tried to upload someone else’s video to their account. At the same time, the link to the original did not help to avoid problems.

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A source: Twitter

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