TikTok introduces autofollowing, video chains and geolocation

TikTok continues to grow rapidly, and it’s not just about audience growth. The service has new features.

TikTok has new features:

  1. Geotags in video.
  2. Invitation links for automatic subscription to the page.
  3. Roller chains.

The emergence of new features significantly expands the capabilities of the service and makes it more attractive to content authors, advertisers and ordinary users.


The former will be able to experiment with formats and attract more visitors to their pages, the latter will get new ways to draw attention to their products, and users will enjoy non-standard content for at least some time. For example, the same chains of videos will allow you to create entire series.

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Recall that not so long ago, a full-fledged repost appeared on TikTok. The function is gradually becoming available to users of the service.

A source: Telegram

Written by Shubham

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