Twelve South Releases StayGo Mini USB-C Hub for Mac and iPad

The small StayGo Mini USB-C hub is designed for Mac and iPad. The new Twelve South is a smaller version of the previously introduced StayGo USB-C accessory with seven ports and a connection cable that hides inside.

The compact hub, unlike its older brother, received only four interfaces for connecting peripherals and, unfortunately, did not retain the chip with the cable hiding inside. But by connecting the StayGo Mini USB-C to an iPad or Mac, you will have access to ports: HDMI, USB-A 2.0 charging, USB-C Power Delivery and AUX 3.5 mm.

The hub has a USB-C connection interface, but the kit also comes with a small 0.5 m extension cable if you need to connect the accessory to your Mac and hide the wires. The cost of the mini-hub is $60. Available for purchase in white and black.

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In fact, for this money you can find more interesting analogues: take, for example, Hyper 5-in-1 ($50 in America), or Satechi Type-C PASS-THROUGH (also $50 in the USA). These options have a microSD card slot, which is a big plus, because many people buy hubs precisely because of the need for this port.

Source: Twelve South

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