U1 Chip in iPhone Could Improve Smart Home Experience

Users can now control HomeKit-enabled devices from a dedicated app. However, the developer Bastian Andelefsky decided to refine the existing mechanisms and created his own utility. It greatly simplifies the interaction with home gadgets. Users don’t need to iterate through available devices. It is enough just to turn the smartphone in the right direction and make a few taps.

To implement the new mechanism, the developer used the U1 chip in the iPhone. It allows you to accurately determine the location of the user and the direction in which he is looking. This data can be used to control lights in the home.

According to Andelefsky, while his solution cannot be considered a full-fledged product. It’s more of a prototype. The thing is that to build such a system, the developer had to use different and not always cheap equipment. There are also some programmatic limitations in the Apple API.

However, the idea itself looks quite interesting.

A source: 9to5mac

Written by Shubham

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